Munduvayalil Coconut Processing Unit, a Proprietorship concern, formerly known as St Marys Rice Mill, situated at Ramachampadam, was found by Mr. V.M George basically an Agriculturist in early '70s. Later he converted his rice mill to an oil mill in 1983.

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Coconut Testa Oil

Sadhya Coconut Testa Oil is an edible cooking oil extracted from the brown portion of the dried coconut or copra. Give no ears to the misconceptions that Coconut Testa Oil is a sub-standard oil. It is no more a sub- standard oil. But, it is a good oil source for human consumption and better than coconut oil.

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Quality Policy

We at Munduvayalil Coconut Processing Unit, is committed towards the goal of achieving total customer satisfaction by assessing the actual need and requirement of the customer resorting to prompt delivery of quality products by sustained effort and continual improvement of the quality management system.

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Our Products
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Butterflies Coconut Oil

Butterflies Coconut Oil is an Agmark Grade-1 certified coconut oil produced from sulfur free grade- 1 quality selected copra.

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Sadhya Coconut Testa Oil

Coconut Testa Oil is a good source of oil for human consumption. It has scientifically proven that it is better than coconut oil.

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Butterflies Sunflower Oil

The popularity of sunflower oil all around the world stems from its light colour, neutral flavour and high smoke point which allows sunflower oil to hold on to its nutritional content even at high temperature.

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